10. Do you have an event coordinator that you can recommend?
We require that you use one of our venue coordinators, who will help provide coordination with anything related to the venue - set up, parking, vendor communication. This is included in your venue rental. However, we also highly recommend adding wedding coordinator or wedding planner services. This is not only to help you, but also to alleviate any anxiety that may arise on your special day. We have an experienced team available, rates available on request. They will help keep things running smoothly and work within your budget.

11. Can we have a DJ?
Yes.  We do requite that the volume level not exceed +85db.  Also the DJ will be required to make several announcements.

12. What time restrictions are there?
You have use of the venue on wedding day for preparations. Start time should be discussed with venue coordinator. You may celebrate with guests for 6 hours post-ceremony start time or ending time no later than 10:30 pm, whichever comes first.

13. Do you have a preferred vendors list?
We are always working on adding to our preferred vendors list. A copy of this will be given during your tour of the venue.  You may use this list, or simply book your own.

14. Can I have alcohol at my wedding/reception?
Yes, we allow you to bring your own beer and wine.  We do require a RAMP certified bartender.  Please see our Policies below for more details.

15. Is there space for parking?
Yes, there is plenty of parking and drop-off service at the front of the barn is available.  We will have attendants directing parking in our lot.

4. Do we need to rent tables, and chairs?
We will provide the following tables/chairs for your event:
- 260 white folding chairs available,
- 20 6' rectangular folding tables that seat 6-8 people.
- 12 6' round tables that seat 8-10 people (96" or larger covering recommended for the best look)
- 5 large farmhouse tables that seat 8-10 people (they also make great staging tables).
You will be responsible to assist our coordinators during cleanup.

5. Can I use hay bales for seating?
Yes, hay bales are allowed, but you will be responsible for rental or purchase, pickup and removal.

6. Where will we all get dressed?
The bride and bridesmaids may use the Summer House on the property to get ready for the wedding.
The groom and groomsmen may use the great room in the Homestead House or another available space on the grounds for their preparation needs.

7. How many people can the Barn hold for a wedding ceremony?
It depends on the Event site you choose. From 25 people at the Gazebo or up to 200 at the Pond.
A tent accommodating 250+ people can be used in the Meadow (Field).
Up to 120 people comfortably fit in the Barn.

8. Are there restrooms?
Yes. We have full service INDOOR restrooms available inside the barn.

9. Do you provide any decorations and props for my wedding day?
Your wedding decor is totally up to you.
We have a limited selection of rental items for your use if needed, we are happy to share a list during  your tour.

1. Does the barn have air conditioning or heat?
No, the Barn is not insulated so it does not have heat or air conditioning. If the weather is extremely hot and you wish to provide electric fans for the comfort of your guests, you are welcome to do so. During the cooler months, we have a few propane heaters you may rent.

2. Do I need to provide my own lighting?
No, the lights in the Barn will stay in place. You may add additional lighting if you wish.

3. Does the Barn have electricity?
Yes, the Barn has electricity. There are plenty of outlets in the barn for all your needs. 

. . . answers to FAQs (subject to change at any time without notice.)

Frequently Asked Questions 


Event staff at
The Homestead

"Someone will always be here to accommodate your requests."

Our goal is to make your event as enjoyable as possible.
We will reserve your date exclusively for you so that you will have full use of the grounds and facilities.

You will be able to set  up the day before your wedding (beginning as early as noon) which eliminates a lot of wedding day stress.

We reserve the entire weekend for just you and your event!
You have use of the venue on wedding day for preparations. Start time should be discussed with venue coordinator.
You may celebrate with guests for 6 hours post-ceremony start time or ending time no later than 10:30 pm, whichever comes first.
We require that you make every effort to clean up trash that could attract uninvited guests (aka: wildlife) overnight.
We can provide a cleaning check-list for you if you would like.

We allow beer and wine for your event, provided by you and served from behind the bar. No other  alcoholic beverages are permitted.
Guest are NOT PERMITTED to bring alcoholic beverages of any kind. 
You will be required to supply a RAMP certified bartender, licensed by the state of Pennsylvania, as well as liability(event) insurance to cover the event. 
We must have the RAMP certificate before the bar opens the day of the wedding.
The time the bar  opens need to be approved by Venue Coordinator. 
The bar MUST give final call and be shut down one hour before the ending or by 9:30pm at the latest.
If you bring any beer or wine in glass bottles, you will be required to take the glass with you when you leave.
No alcohol is permitted in the Bridal Studio, Farmhouse or other getting ready areas. 

You will be required to purchase event liability insurance for the day(s) of your event, available through
your homeowners or renters insurance policy.
This is to protect you from any damages that might occur and also to protect us.
A copy must be provided to us at least a week prior to the event.

Your DJ will need to contact us at least one week in advance to discuss any electrical needs.

You may choose your own caterer, however, the caterer MUST be approved by The Homestead prior to your event.
This will help alleviate any issues for your event

We have a dumpster available for trash which you may use.
Trash that does not fit in the dumpster must be taken with you when you leave. 
We do not dispose of glass. If you are having glass of any kind those bottles will need to be taken with you when you leave. 

We reserve the right to use any pictures taken at our facility at any time on our website, for promotional items or for any other reason.

There is absolutely no smoking allowed inside the barn or any of the other buildings. We have provided a smoking area outside.

Since we are in a remote area, cell phone service is not reliable. Some providers may have service.  Please be prepared for that.

We have Wi-fi service available, so texting is an alternative to cell phone service; however, the texting capability  is limited.

There are many beautiful photo sites available on the property and we are continuing to make improvements.

For receptions or events inside the barn, we allow battery operated candles, but nothing with an open flame.
If your reception is held outside or in a tent, open flame candles would be permissible.
All buildings are NO smoking.  The barn is very old and it is imperative that there be no smoking or open flame.

People using our venue should be aware that there are ponds on the property and are required to supervise small children at all times, to avoid any danger to them.

The Summer House, which also serves as a Bridal Suite, is available as a preparation/dressing area for the Bride and her maids. Hair & makeup packages available upon request.

Guidelines & Policies